Experiences with email validators


Here is a test I just did which makes me doubt whether email validators work or not. I used correct.email to test 20,000 emails. It claimed to find a few hundred spamtraps. I took that list of spam traps and then tested it on zerobounce and zerobounce said 100% of them were valid emails.

So who to believe and is there any use in using them?
@Vroom - i think it depends on the service you are using, i am sure they have their use cases and they indeed find bad emails.
In the case of the website "correct.email", for bounced emails, out of 20,000 tested they found around 30 emails they classified as bounced (which my server didn't consider bounced). So that means a regular SMTP server gets the same result within 0.15% (less than 1 percent).

Other than that, they listed a lot of what they considered "Spam Traps" which the other provider didn't consider as spam traps (not even one matching). Also they listed a lot of "catch all" email IDs (maybe 5 or 10% of the total tested emails) which after manually going through all were valid.

So I didn't get much use out of it, but hey, it was free...

I would like to try zerobounce, because the small tests i did there, they appended the first and last name in 85% of emails, and all looked accurate. In comparison zero bounce didn't find any bounced or spam traps... very confusing.