Exclude IPs from tracking not working ?


It has come to my attention over the last 5 years that still more and more companies are using some sort of anti virus software, which opens and pre click the emails, this means that these opens and clicks are acting as an active subscriber, but in reality it its not an active subscriber, just some software pre-checking the email for bad stuff.

These ip's i save and then put into the form "Exclude IPs from tracking" & "Exclude IPs from Opens"
like this:,,

But for some strange reason the ip's keep popping up in the stats of each campaign? Am i doing anything wrong here, or have i misunderstood the function?

Hmm, yeah they look good actually, so i am not sure what the deal is.
Can we also see a track log for an ip listed here?
@twisted1919 Im not quite sure what you mean with track log. but i just got you this in the attached screenshot.
The ips is added to both exclude lists and still it appears again the 11th and 14.th (today)

And that's basically the same for all of the ip's


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Yeah..i see... can you add and point me to a tracking url so that i can load it and see if it still tracks ?
Yeah, and i have been redirected, which should not happen...Check it, and if it was tracked, please PM me with FTP info so that i can see the code and fix it ;)
@twisted1919 i see your click, look at the screenshot. I have multiple licenses so the ideal thing would be to ask for a quick fix release if possible, so we can upgrade to a new version where this is fixed :) ?


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