Error while validating SMTP server


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Hi, I am setting up an SMTP server, but when I try to validate it, I am getting an error message:

Here is a transcript of the error message:
  • Connection could not be established with host [Connection refused #111]
    Log data:
    ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport
    !! Connection could not be established with host [Connection refused #111] (code: 0)
I obtained the server settings from my hosting provider support and using the server name I am able to log into the email account. When I asked the support at my hosting provider, they told me that it's a message that is related with the application I have installed to handle my email marketing (MailWizz).

I also deleted and recreated the server as suggested in a related forum post (for the same kind of error), but I am getting the same error.

Can you, please provide me any information on how I can pass this error message.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, I was able to fix this issue: the support at my hosting account had provided me with the the wrong host name; after they provided the correct host name, I was able to sent a verification email. But now I am getting another issue: when I click on the confirmation key link, I am getting a 404 Error:
The requested page does not exist.

Not sure how to handle this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.