Error in segmentation result


Good morning guys,
I am writing to you as we are having problems regarding the segmentation of contacts!

This happens when the operator used is an "ALL" meaning that all conditions must be met.

What we do is this:


As you can see by setting it in this way, the subscribers of this segmentation are zero (0). But in reality, creating this segment should be for example 100k.
The problem arises when we try to add multiple Email conditions that contain a certain domain that we want to include in the segmentation.

If instead we leave only one the problem does not exist, here is an example:


This is a bug we detected a long time ago but never had time to report it!

Can you review this thing?
Thanks a lot as always!


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This is a bug we detected a long time ago but never had time to report it!
You can't use two conditions like this: Email > contains > @alice and Email > contains > @tiscali with Operator match > All , because on these conditions mailwizz will try to find emails which contains @alice and @tiscali.


Hi @laurentiu ,
thanks so much for the feedback.
I imagined this ... forgive me then how can I do to create that condition? Obviously with the Any operator I can't do it because there is the condition of the last open date as a custom field that I want to retrieve, and if I insert Any with the inclusion of some email addresses it does not create the right filter for me.

I found a solution by creating more segments under 2 conditions at a time, but the list of segments becomes huge ... is there another solution by chance?