Error In Application Log


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I noticed in my log there is a common error occurring:

2015/10/03 19:30:01 [error] [application] The PHP CLI binary is missing the IMAP extension!

Any idea what this is or how to fix it?
This means your command line php version, the one that calls the mailwizz commands, is missing the imap extension, so you have to install php-imap for it too.
Ask your host about this, or, depending on your linux distribution, install php-imap from command line.
I SSH'd my vps and it says the Imap php is installed and shows version 5.3. My regular php version is 5.4. Still cannot add a bounce server or feedback server. I have linux centos64. I had my vps host transfer files from cpanel. Everything works except bounce/feedback handling and then I noticed the The IMAP extension is missing from your PHP installation error when trying to edit or create a new bounce server.