Enforce not to use spaces in filemanager folder names



Gmail acts funny with spaces on images. It displays broken image when there are spaces instead of characters like %20.

Is there a way to enforce no spaces when making folders. Then that kind of issue will come less. I quite often find myself answering that question.

@twisted1919, this seems to happen for file names as well. If a customer calls their image "image name.jpg" instead of "image-name.jpg" gmail shows it as a missing image. Is there a way to add the dash if a customer uploads images with spaces?

At the moment I am telling customers to to avoid spaces but it's impossible to get this message to everyone and not likely that people will even remember to do it each time.

@twisted1919, it looks like spaces actually work sometimes but other times they do not.

I had a customer send an email with multiple images. 3 of the images had spaces in the names but only 1 showed as a broken image.

What happened was that the 1 image that didn't work replaced the spaces with a "+". The 2 images that did work, replaced the spaces with "%20", which appears to be the correct way of doing this.

Is there a reason why Mailwizz does both? And is there a way to force it to always use "%20"?

@corey34 - i have taken care of this issue anyway, so next release will force dashes in file names instead of spaces
Awesome. My app is a little behind the MW updates because we have to fix some things first. Is there a specific fix that I could apply to my site, that would allow me to does this without updating right now? It's been a big frustration for my customers but I can't update MW for a while yet.

It's not mailwizz who does this.
Oh, is this something that my server might do then?

@corey34 - unzip and upload attached folder in apps/common/extensions/ to replace the existing folder with same name, basically we will be upgrading the ckeditor extension.
Lemme know how it goes.


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Perfect, thanks. Since this is just updating the ckeditor, it shouldn't affect other parts of MW then, right? I will do some testing on my staging server first but it seems like it's fairly low risk that it would affect my site.

I will definitely let you know how testing goes.