Encoding when using Elastic Email API


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Right now, MailWizz is configured to use quoted printable encoding with Elastic Email. However, this causes some issues plain-text version of email. Elastic Email recommended to me to use base64 instead. The change is easy. Change 'encodingtype' => 3 to 'encodingtype' => 4 in DeliveryServerElasticemailWebApi.php.
im seeing a number of soft bounces with the following message

550 Access {base64}

is this due to emails not being encoded as base64 ? im using sparkpost and not elasticemail

should I make the change as suggested in the OP?
@Ahmed - No.
We're encoding using QP which should work just fine everywhere, regardless of what the guys at EE say.
For example, mailchimp uses QP as well.
thanks Twisted

Ok so im getting about 30 soft bounces - almost all of them have the same message

550 Access {base64}

Im not sure what this error means and how to resolve it

By the way whats EE? is it short for ElasticEmail? if so then I'm not actually using them yet..I'm still using sparkpost


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