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Hi! I had an unexpected problem . I needed to create a custom field with a link . I should use URL encoding in this custom field . But when I enter the link http%3A%2F%2Ffb.me%2F78xYuRz9u it is saved as http://fb.me/78xYuRz9u. But I basically just need a link http%3A%2F%2Ffb.me%2F78xYuRz9u. Is it possible to fix it? :(
And another question . Can I send a message to another encoding such as base64? Or just utf8?

Thanks in advance for your answers .It 'll be glad to help! And sorry for my english .:oops:

To be clear you just want the text to appear in this field? so no actual link? If that's the case you can just use a standard text field and it won't encode it.

Some of the delivery server choices use base64 by default as that's what services like Elasticemail require.

What type of delivery server are you using?
Lost in translation ! :) I'll try to explain.
In order to randomize the link in the newsletter I create a custom field when you create a List. It is a unique link for each recipient.

When creating the letter I use the tag. But when I put in the link to the right encoding then after saving it changes.
The difference is noticeable in the pictures.

That's the problem .. :(


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