Enabling Exec() in with PHP-FPM enabled (error)


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Hi there, thanks for making this software. I've enjoyed sinking my teeth into it.

I am a bit new to actually logging into servers and making edits in bash commands. I can do cPanel / WHM all day long.

I am currently getting the error:
  • Your system misses a few PHP functions/extensions in order to use this feature.
  • exec function must be enabled in order to handle the DKIM keys.
When I go to generate DKIM keys for my emails and domains.

I would like to enable exec() to fix this.

I have root access to my server through Digital Ocean. I have access to WHM and cPanel.

I have already edited the PHP.ini file in WHM, but I am told there is a different ini file in the PHP FPM settings...and I am unaware how to access it.

If that is the problem...what is the best way to access and edit that file?

If that is not the problem, does anyone have insight?