Enable the file manager for editor files


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Following screenshots show how to enable the file manager so that you can store assets for your campaigns or generally so that they can be accessed from the editor.

Step by step:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

That's it :)
@Rebecca - make sure you are in the /backend area of the website, not in /customer.
Once you are in /backend, go to Extend -> Extensions
i cant seem to find a way to upload a file there. only to create a text file or folder. What am i missing?

Press on the Floppy Disk that has a plus sign on it, when you are in the file manager window ;)

thats awesome! thanks i donno how i didnt notice that myself.
btw i really like this file manager extension. Do you know where i can get it separately, so i can use it on my own ckeditor in a different application?
@João - I have no other ideas for now. Do you have any special mod enabled for apache, like mod security?
If you take a look in backend -> misc -> app log, do you find something related to this?
Do you have access to your server logs to see if you can find something there?
@bidorbuy they're stored in /frontend/assets/files/*
As for connector options, you can always overload the default file manager controller with your own and do all sort of configuration to it ;)
Hi and sorry for this fast question.
How to enable upload mp4 in the file manager?

I can upload only images and this is a limit for me.
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