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Hi @twisted1919 ,

I started 2-3 campaigns and paused them all together after a couple of minutes. Then I marked them all as sent. But every time I refresh the stats, I see the number of processed emails don't stop and emails are actually flowing. Can you please take a look ?

I think they will continue sending until the list is finished.
I use version

Now I deleted the campaigns. Still I'm seeing a huge load of emails being pushed to the SMTP server even after the campaigns were deleted 5 minutes ago.

Interesting thing is that the list contains only 2000 contacts. For 3 campaigns, it should send to only 6000 contacts maximum. But I have received 7600 emails so far. And, even though the campaign was paused,marked as sent and deleted from customer dashboard, the campaign appeared to be in sending state on admin dashboard with a (deleted) flag near to it.

I deleted the campaign from admin dashboard and killed all send campaigns processes. Still receiving emails. Not sure what to do next to stop the emails :(.

Please give priority and let me know how to fix it. I enabled PCNTL before starting the second campaign and disabled it after it was paused.

Please look in to. This is a serious issue if customers note this behaviour.
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Sending has stopped now after delivering more than 8000 emails. Campaign delivery log shows the last email was delivered at 8.16 AM but is evident from the main dashboard (admin overview) that the campaigns were deleted 20 mins ago.


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@VVT - Thing is that once the campaigns are loaded into memory, even if you pause them, you are doing it for next batch of subscribers, not for the current ones that run at that point. So whatever is loaded into memory, it will run till is done.
Ok, but Can you please tell me why it sent to multiple emails for the same customer when PCNTL is enabled ? The campaign itself showed it sent 102 emails more than the actual subscribers count on the list. And I received 16860 email for a campaign with 2000 actual subscribers on the list. You can see ~13 emails were sent to a single user. I was doing a speed test and the mailbox is a wildcard mailbox which I cleared before starting the campaign. Please see the attached images.


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@VVT - This is an open issue currently that we're looking to fix.
Does the weird behavior happens if you lower your settings considerably?
Here's a thing that might help.
Update swiftmailer to latest version, that is, unzip and put resulted folder in apps/common/vendors/ to replace the existing folder, then give it a try and see if that makes any diff.


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@twisted1919 I upgraded Swiftmailer as you suggested. But the issue doesn't seem to have fixed. I sent to a list of 500 subscribers and I received more than 2K emails so far.

I don't know if my logic is correct, but adding my observation here if it could help you in troubleshooting -

If you look at the settings in screenshot in my previous message, you can see subscribers at once is 1500 and batches in parallel is 5. So my understanding is that a single process (php5 ?) will process 300 emails at once. I was monitoring the system load while the campaign was ongoing. I sent to 500 subscribers and there appeared 2 php5 processes first (so logically this is correct, 300 + 200 ), then after some time, the number of processes began increasing. Then it ended up in 6-7 processes and I could see in the mail log that a huge load of emails being pushed to the smtp server (that was pretty fast). I observed this behavior yesterday also, when I sent to a 2K list, number of processes went beyond 10. And the server load was increasing accordingly. Please see the attached screenshot.

@VVT - This is an open issue currently that we're looking to fix.
Does the weird behavior happens if you lower your settings considerably?

Can you suggest some example settings ? I don't know what to change.


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I tried with the exact settings you provided. But same results.received 2696 emails for 500 subscribers and MW clocked 574 emails.

What happens there is correct, the number of processes have to increase, as the main process is forked several times.

Yeah, it should increase. But what I meant to say is, if 'send at once' is 50 and 'batches' is 2, in theory I suppose there should only be 2 php5 processes - handling 25 emails each. This is the above settings. But, I could see it started with 2 php5 processes and then it went to 5 processes. So I doubt if it's unnecessarily forking new processes.
Just PM'ed you my skype details. Let's have the session when you have a chance !
@Jason , @twisted1919 gave me a zip archive to override some files, but I wasn't able to test it yet because customer mailing is still going. I'll do once I have a chance ! Meanwhile, if you would like to test, I can give you the zip file.
@VVT , thanks for the offer, but just been trouble shooting it on skype! Initial tests with a updated file look good!

Tested on a 7k list, and numbers pretty much perfect. So doing a big 280k list test overnight.

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