Email verify


I have a little problem atm.
I want my customers clean their databases before sending any news.
But the prices of kickbox and co, are too high !!!
Most of my clients can not put $ 750 for 350K@ ...

Do you have a solution ?
Fit a verification server? HOW?

Thank you in advance !!! :)
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Afaik, these extensions then check every email in mailwizz...not just the list you that gets quite expensive. Better check as much as you can separately, then only the remaining with full smtp test.

Re verification server, if you take a VPS or two, they can run your verifications separately, but it is not completely easy (you'll find a script and some money saving tip for this also on the forum). If you take your time into account, the paid services might be better, e.g. BridgeCorp @ $1k/10MM or HygieneAgent @ $300/1MM

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