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Is there email verification extension for custom email verification providers, I'm considering bouncekick, truemail and/or listflex they sound like unlimited verification I appreciate your opinion
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I think a good start is for Mailwizz to make a basic verification in a period of time example 1 time per month like:
Domain & MX Validation, (domain exists)
SMTP Verification, (username exists)

so we have fewer bounces
We are having the Email Verification in the application for the following providers:
- Bulk Email Checker
- Email List Verify
- Kickbox
- Emailable
- ZeroBounce.

Enable the usage from the Backend and you will have them available in the Customer area from where you can set the areas where they can act.

I have the Zerobounce email verification active and every time I upload it has to abort the import process. If I turn it off, the import works just fine. Do you need to have credits in your Zerobounce account in order for the verification to work properly?