Email Tags not working


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For some customers the email tags don't work. For example, when [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] is added to an email, and when it sends, it shows exactly as [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] and not replaced with the actual link.

But I have other customers that it works fine for.

What could cause this? I can't seem to find anything that is different between the customers that it works and those that it doesn't.
Those were not working either so I did a lot more looking around and I figured it out. The email that you are sending to for testing, has to be on your list for it to work. I guess that makes sense but I didn't think about it.

So it all works (and was working) just fine.

But now a new issue related to tags. It's now with xml feeds. When I create an xml feed campaign, the emails show the tags and are not replaced with content. I have been going over this and it looks like I have everything created correctly. I even used the exact template from here: (and changed to my feed of course).

@corey34 - actually they do:
Screenshot 2017-01-16 13.55.52.png

I did the test on your template, and as you see, it worked.
One thing to note about that template it's that it contains a lot of garbage markup, signs that it has been exported from another software, so maybe clean that up as well, it might play a role onto why things don't work 100% properly.
In "setup", yes. This was working before I moved up in servers. I thought we had the specs the same except we added PHP7. I wonder if that changed things. What can I do to retest the server requirements like is done in step 2 of the install? I remember reading someone had a way to do this but I can't find it.