Email stuck?

Jon Lyons

New Member
Started a campaign on 5/19. It send per my hourly server quota on the 19th & 20th and a little on the 21st. Now has stopped entirely. The issue is not with the server (ElasticEmail) but something on my end. What would cause the campaign to reflect as "Sending" but to be stuck at 19% with no emails actually being deployed?
So I upped the "campaigns at once" setting and also tested the cron. All is fine there.

I double checked the smtp (ElasticEmail) server and even re-validated and that went fine. The validation email came through. The campaigns are not sending and I've even tried "Test Template" and every time I get this message:

"Unable to send the test email to ...."

So the validate email emails are going out but nothing else. Thoughts?
Have you checked your delivery logs and application logs, they might give you a hint as to when/why it stopped. You can also ask Elasticemail when the last email was sent through your account if you can't find it in the elasticemail dashboard.
Just confused why is would still reflect as "Sending" and not "Processing" if it were on the EE side of things? I set up the EE servers as SMTP instead of the web API this time around and I got it to send out 193 (less than 1%) of the emails and then they stopped again. Still reflects as sending but nothing is going out...
@Jon Lyons - If they are "sending" it means they wait for the next cron job to run to pick the campaign and continue sending.
You can PM me with your mailwizz app backend login and a cpanel login to see a few things.