Email sent shows a different sender in the inbox (Please see details)


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Hi All,

I have been sending campaigns and what I have noticed is that the email I use in 'From' and 'Reply to' fields do not appear in the inbox. e.g:

I send email from '' and use the name 'xyz' when I check my inbox it showed me that is was send from Name: XYZ (Which is correct) but in bracket it shows me the email that I have setup my server on and not the email that I enter while setting up campaign. Can anyone please tell me what is going wrong?


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If you set it to "Always" it will always contain the email address from the delivery server itself.
If you set it to "Never", then it will get the email address you set in the campaign.
BUT, your smtp server might not allow this behavior, so make sure you test this properly. If your server will fail the emails because of this change, you'll have to revert it and then change the delivery server accordingly to allow this change, this is not something mailwizz can control.