Email Sending to high priority visitors


Hi @twisted1919 ,

How does Mailwhizz select which emails to send the campaign first in a batch processing scenario?

I want to

1) sort my list based on decreasing order of open rates
2) send emails to people with most opens first

I know 1... need your guidance in 2 :)
@developer - that would be pretty hard to accomplish given the fact we don't have a column for opens count, thus you won't be able to order by this criteria.
Hi @twisted1919

I have 2 custom columns in mailwhizz Total sends and Total opens.

They are updated by a daily cron job

So that part is taken care of

Only thing pending is determining the logic in sending emails and modifying it.... Need your help here
@developer - start from apps/console/commands/SendCampaignsCommand.php and look at `protected function findSubscribers($offset = 0, $limit = 300)`. This is where we grab the subscribers.