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Hello twisted1919,
when I check every other software or ESP email header they only embed one header in email.
but for MW we got around 8 headers, Like bellow
X-Mw-Tracking-Did: 4
X-Mw-Subscriber-Uid: bj216280m9164
X-Mw-Mailer: SwiftMailer - 5.4.x
X-Mw-Delivery-Sid: 12
X-Mw-Customer-Uid: qd822jpta8a47
X-Mw-Customer-Gid: 1
X-Mw-Campaign-Uid: ho58081qsl061
As you are doing lot with MW now a days why can't you make MW header 1 or less as much you can.
I know MW use these headers to read bounces, clicks and other operations on email especially bounces.
like you can make one header for above as
X-Mw-H: X-Mw-Tracking-Did-X-Mw-Subscriber-Uid-X-Mw-Mailer-X-Mw-EBS-X-Mw-Delivery-Sid-X-Mw-Customer-Uid-X-Mw-Customer-Gid-X-Mw-Campaign-Uid:
with PHP you can get part of header you want to perform task.
This will look email more clean, this is just an idea.
There is no problem in having those headers. The ones that we actually need are X-Mw-Subscriber-Uid: bj216280m9164 and X-Mw-Campaign-Uid: ho58081qsl061. All the others can be removed via hooks if needed be.