Email Campagins not sending

The Real Will

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Hi for the last two weeks my email campaigns will not deliver.
I use Sparkpost as an MTA.
I had my admin update mailwizz and it still does not work.
Here is a screen shop of the error.
Inside mailwizz the campagins show "delivered" but no open clicks are recorded so i know the mail did not go out.
Please let me know what i can do to fix this


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Yes we check all logs. The issue is that while running campaign crons, it is not detecting the active campaigns it is showing No campaign found, stopping.
i will try that. Even if i just try to send a broadcast without scheduling it, it does not go out. I will update you if scheduling in past works. I know we do clone old broadcasts. I really need this fixed. Can i hire you to try and fix it. I have exhausted my supports capabilities and they are very good