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Hello @twisted1919,

I have one subscriber in my list showing black listed.
but when i check in global black list its not there.
when i check customer black list its also not there.
how can i know reason for that subscriber black list?
When you blacklist via global blacklist, the subscribers in email list will get the blacklisted status, but when you remove them from the global blacklist, they will still remain with same status in the email list unless you enable the feature where you confirm the subscribers back in the email list after you remove them from the blacklist. See Backend > Settings > Customers.
Thanks for your reply.
AS i wrote i did't see these emails black listed in Global black list or customer black list.
I think they was removed via "Blacklist monitors".
but I did't see any settings in Backend > Settings > Customers to make subscribers back to subscriber after remove from global black list.
really thanks for quick update. this is my settings for customer group.
That looks correct.
I have to answer a few other support tickets and then i'll take a closer look at this.
I see too many tickets. did you get chance to look into this?
also duplicate email sending, Today i got 4 emails from same campaign into my email box.
I didn't run giveups extension on that campaign at all.
See if you still get duplicate emails sent to the same email address
if you remove your own resend extension and also disable resending within mwz.
Then enable one of the two, retest. Then the other. This should give conclusive results, especially if used on the same list a few times each method.
I didn't run giveups extension on that campaign at all.
For me it seems that disabling your extension has solved the issue of duplicate sending. Not sure whether it is conflicting with something new, or just chance and is actually something else as I haven't gone through a process like @frm.mwz suggested to test it in detail.