Email Black List on Account Termation


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I am facing issue, if some SMTP service like sparkpost , etc account terminated while MW was sending email campaign, all email address got into black list.

How to fix this like, if account is terminated, system should deduct from bounce log and disable that SMTP server and resume campaign from other SMTP server assigned to user or system servers ?

Need your input Please ?

in campaigns-delivery-logs it says, FORBIDDEN and all emails bounce.
in email address bounce says "smtp; 550 5.7.1 [CS] Spam Detected. Contact your service provider for support"
But after i disable that terminated server and select other SMTP server and send email to same email address it deliver without issue.

Issue is when SMTP server account terminated & that SMTP server is assigned to some user, MW did't select other server from system SMTP server and keep on trying on SAME SMTP server until all email address got into black list and campaign complete. or ofcourse i disable that SMTP server then MW send remaining emails from system SMTP servers.

@twisted1919 one more issue about email black list. If your server got into some black list and email rejected due to this, email address also added in Black List, which is wrong too.
if server got into black list, SMTP server must be disabled or some status change but why email address got into black list ?
Like bellow is response
smtp; 550 ***** Server IP blacklisted by CSI. For remediation please use*.*.*.*
@AHK - Just a FYI you can always add new rules for the above, have a look in apps/components/vendors/BounceHandler/rules.php
Hello @
If i edit the file
add this line in
'bounceType' => BounceHandler::BOUNCE_SOFT,
'regex' => array(

Rule, it will work ?
'/Server IP blacklisted by CSI. For remediation please use',

what about update, how to be safe in after update ?

Hello twisted1919,
I find today another strange behaviour, when any email is bounce from PowerMTA & in bounce report reason is: Other
but MW put it in Hard bounce and black list the subscriber, see bellow

smtp;421 4.7.0 [TSS04] Messages from 69.*.*.16 temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see

and bounce is Hard, how to fix that ?