ElasticEmail Notification URL?


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I'm configuring the system with EE. Went through other forum threads and made changes.

I specified https://www.mydomain.com/dswh/1 on the notification url field at Elastic Email setting. The action throwing an error "HTTP Web Notifications URL couldn't be validated."

the delivery server at MW, it opens a url ending like this - https://www.mydomain.com/backend/index.php/delivery-servers/update/type/elasticemail-web-api/id/1 . Can you please tell me what url should I set at EE ?

Script is latest version, fresh installed on AWS.
When you create a delivery server for EE - it will gives URL like domain.com/index.php/dswh/123

That you need to enter in EE settings.

I was using AMAZON SES to send email till now, and I have switched to ElasticEmail.
Although I had no problem whatsoever with Amazon SES, I can not figure out how to get the Notification URL for the ElasticEmail :(

It is not showing anywhere even though I tried to delete and create the delivery server 2 times.

Can you please help me ?

Go to your Elastic delivery server, there is ICON of "i" click on that you will find a URL to add in your Elastic.