ElasticEmail complaints not processed


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I sent one campaign to my list and got 5 complaints according to EE: http://screencast.com/t/ftLJnEEuCfjr

However, when I go to the campaign overview in Mailwizz i see this: http://screencast.com/t/mdLF3yfDVQ

I also checked manually to see if the subscribers who complained got unsubscribed and they didn't.

Any ideas?

As far as bounces, I have over 2k bounces in EE and only 230 in Mailwizz.

Something is definitely not right.


I'm using the EE Web API with this config:

Abuse complains in mailwizz campaign overview area is not what you think it is, those are actually abuse reports subscribers will fill-in manually, so we're good.

As far as processing the request from EE, Mailwizz has a webhook that does exactly this, it waits to receive requests fromEE and it processes them. If the counter are not right is because EE didn't posted all of them. It wouldn't be first time, they're having issues always.
I have this problem too. The subscriber complaints at Yahoo, ElasticEmail notices that but Mailwizz doesn't reflect it. I have the server configured by SMTP and with bounces server and feedback loop reports. We receive the "bounces" in the log but the complaints are ignored. We cannot use the web API because the problem described here.
Can we hide the option?. If we use always the API way we must avoid our customers sending emebeded images.