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How are bounces and complaints handled when using elasticemail?

I've sent out a campaign to an address I know will bounce and it alerts in the Elasticemail dashboard but nothing appears in MW dashboard.

What happens with complaints?


If you have set the url to where elasticemail should post the notifications (after you create the server you'll see the url) in your ElasticEmail dashboard, and you select what type of notifications to be sent to that url, then that's pretty much all you should do, rest is done by mailwizz/elasticemail.
I've setted the ElasticEmail like that. But nothing change. No bounce are imported on my mailwizz account


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Any errors related to this in your EE account?
Can you access the notification url directly?
In mailwizz -> backend -> misc -> application log, any info related to this?

Lemme know.
On elasticemail the errors are reported as bounced.
Yes, i can access the notification url directly even if (i think obviusly), the response is a blank page.
No error reported on logs.
Tested again and again, re-checked everything but nothing. The system is not importing the bounce notification or not setting that emails as blacklisted.

Contact EE support and ask them to give you details about what's happening when they are posting info, what response they get.
I have just tested on my side of things and everything works properly so i can't help more in this case.
Another small thing, are you sure your EE server still has the id 1 ?

Answer from EE


Thanks for additional information. Fix is ready for that issue and will be deployed in next 24 hours. Let us know if you need anything.

Seems yes, but i wait 24h before try again.

Hi Paolo,

I'm having the same problem.
Im curious about if the answer from EE and the fix is related only to your account or a global fix.
Do you have some idea?

Anyway I'll follow this thread.
Thank you for sharing,

I got this response from EE,

Some bounces don't get a notification.
This bounce is due to a DNS Error - the domain isn't real.

And I am pretty sure that type of bounce does not trigger a notification

A hard bounce (domain or address doesn't exists) is a relevant response, can someone else who is getting bounce responses test with a domain that they know doesn't exist?

Also if someone is getting bounce notifications from EE what type of bounces are they?


Hi Friends!

Checking my logs (Webserver) I can found:

From Mandrill (Working great)
54.184.37.*** - - [14/Mar/2015:17:21:20 -0300] "POST /dswh/XX HTTP/1.1" 200 -

From ElasticEmail (Still trying... Not working)
37.187.248.*** - - [21/Mar/2015:08:32:19 -0300] "GET /dswh/XX?transaction=770a24f4-b800-4bdb-a0d8-e7d0f15f968c&to=fabian2222%40domain_on_contact.com.br&date=3%2f21%2f2015+11:32:32+AM&status=Error&channel=HTTP+API&account=XXXXX%40fmailapp.net&category=NoMailbox&subject=Ol%C3%A1+Fabian%2c+confira+estas+novidades! HTTP/1.1" 200 -

1) So I consider that EE are configured correctly and are sending the info that I asked for;
- Don't known if can cause the error (don't blacklist the email informed from EE as above) but the email returned on &account param is different from the email I'm using on EE configuration on MW.

2) GET instead of POST can cause the problem?

Any additional info that can help us to found the problem?

I have exactly the same, I contacted EE support and they ran a test as well, my apache log shows the same as yours. It looks like MW isn't handling the incoming info correctly. - - [19/Mar/2015:18:07:11 +0000] "GET /dswh/20?transaction=f76bcb20-4a6c-4503-873b-c5eb5be1bab3&to=testbounce%40aafjkfhaj.com&date=3%2f19%2f2015+6%3a07%3a23+PM&status=Error&channel=HTTP+API&account=XXXXXX%40XXXXXX.com&category=DNSProblem&subject=Elastic+Email+Test HTTP/1.1" 200 5554 "-" "-"

@twisted1919 , are there any folder permissions/settings we should check for this? Any thoughts on what else we can check?