elasticemail api server issue



I have an issue with my elasticemail api server. It had been 100% perfect, i had to flow rate sending a campaign, so i one day put an hourly limit on the amount of emails going out. I then lifted it the next day back to unlimited.

Ever since then i have been getting this error in the application log;

2017/08/30 21:29:01 [error] [application] Cannot find a valid server to send the campaign email, aborting until a delivery server is available!

However checking the logs in my elasticemail dashboard, every email is going out and being received at their end no problem. So the issue is at mailwizz, any ideas what could be going on?

I have tried fiddling with saving the server again and altering the hourly quotas to see if it fixed it, but still happening.

Unfortunately this won't do it since once you delete the DS, the relation between it and the campaigns is deleted too.
Once you copy (and keep the old DS, perhaps labeled old, til you don't need the campaigns/logs anymore), and then !switch! the DS IDs, the campaigns, delivery server logs, etc, from the old DS, will be available, and you can also run the hourly or daily cron to test if anything goes away (it did not when I (re)tested). Done this whenever need arose in the past, and tested it just for again (after your post above, but before this one). What am I missing?