Efficient way to manage limits during warmups


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Let’s say I’ve got 4 delivery servers. And I want to warmup them each daily at
50/100/200/400/800/1600... (doubling every day for simplistic example)
And I don’t want (major) gaps in between the days.
- Example my list is 50k and I want to send 2 times daily (rotating all 4 servers) What’s the most efficient way of actually setting up my campaigns without killing myself manually calculating the daily and hourly sends, making sure I set up a campaign to run once the first campaign is over, with overlapping campaigns running while still under limits, calculating the precise hour when the limit is hit so the next campaign begins, and then the next list is dynamic so it might add 5000 in by the time it's over etc etc. Feels like it's a mess, and I must be missing something, any guidance is appreciated!
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Alex Read

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I've been asking this for ages! Can't wait for this feature to be added.

You could sell it as an 'addon' and I think it would be very popular.

and for something even more powerful look at something like this: https://outreachbin.com/

If you find your emails hitting promotion, you enable this and it will move them to the inbox in Gmail.
(it basically automatically moves emails, so Gmail thinks people are finding value)
- so there would be a pool of gmails you have and you connect them and it will auto move the relevant emails.

Food for thought :)