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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas is coming soon so using an SMS service like ours for distributing and handling newsletter viewers is a perfect fit. The statistics for promotional SMS shows a traffic source that is highly efficient, even more efficient than when emails are distributing the offers, but it comes with a lot of technically challenging things, which we have solved.

SMS are great for fast campaigns, the insanely high customer ROI for the SMS campaigns that we have looked at varied between 220-2470%. SMS are great for e-tailers, public authorities, for political parties etc, in fact most businesses with an online presence and/or need to reach a very high percentage of a certain population.

Being a reseller of this service enables you to:

* re-brand our white labeled SaaS as if it is your own (your own URL, look & feel, login screens, invoices, terms & conditions (delegated from us via reseller to their customers + ability to add addendums) etc etc

* sell to and support your customers and perhaps deliver campaign management to them for generating extra revenue to you, leave the delivery to us

* earn a boatload of money fast on the SMS Packages that you sell to your customers by marking up our wholesale prices to whatever you want to sell them for

* not think about the technical backend, it's on us. Our SaaS can handle the potentially many millions of newsletter viewers and hundred(s) of millions of hits within just 30-40 minutes from sending the campaign (depending on campaign size and number of concurrent campaigns).

(all our features, e.g. A/B testing feature, are not yet adapted to SMS, so all features are not included now, but of course there is an editor for responsive templates etc)

We will never openly offer our white labeled email marketing SaaS here but now, as a limited, risk free, one-time-offer, we will now offer our SMS only (no emails) platform for newsletters where SMS is distributing the information.

The customer accounts doesn't cost a single dime, instead it is included into the price for the SMSs that every account will be loaded with.

We support sending SMSs to almost all countries around the world. Please note that if your customers have not acquired their lists of mobile numbers in the right way or if they send spam, either we manually or the machine learning part of our system automatically will shut down the customer accounts faster than I can snap my fingers.

What we offer is a white labeled service for sending SMS with a lot more statistics than regular SMS suppliers can provide. Resellers can, and must, re-brand it as if it is their own service.

Now with this limited one-time-offer, it costs a reseller 19 USD/month (to cover the reseller support - this WILL go up after this one-time-offer expires), then you can sell as many customer accounts for sending SMSs as you want (but it seem smarter to not sell accounts, rather SMS Packages)
(you can even earn even more money if you can consider translating our whole solution to a language that we are interested in, we will give you an additional 5% discount on the most expensive package of the first 10 SMS packages that you sell. We currently support English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish. The person who did the Dutch translation will get the chance first to adapt translations to SMS. Our Spanish translation also needs to be upgraded.)

If you are interested in offering this service to your customers, then send me a PM ASAP to get more information.

We will only offer this service at this price for a very limited time.
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