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Under segment tools there are some dynamic tags like this:
Tag Description
[EMPTY] It will be transformed into an empty value
[DATETIME] It will be transformed into the current date/time in the format of Y-m-d H:i:s (i.e: 2015-01-27 20:30:57)
[DATE] It will be transformed into the current date in the format of Y-m-d (i.e: 2015-01-27)
[BIRTHDAY] It requires the birthday field value to be in the format of Y-m-d (i.e: 2015-01-27) in order to work properly

That is great, but is there any way to change the time format to d-m-yyyy, so it would more european. Just a minor thing and wanted to know if there is a minor hassle free fix for it.
@twisted1919 - Hi, Is there a way we can create own custom tags?
I would like to send Birthday emails, 15 days before their Birthday. So I am looking at something like combining [PAST_DAYS_X] tag and [BIRTHDAY] tag functionality.

*1*> Create [BIRTHDAY_FUTURE_X] tag, that modifies the Birthday tag to --> current birthday tag + x days

This dynamic tag can get the subscribers that have their anniversary/birthday X days from now (in my case 15). put them in the segment and add a regular campaign that sends an email daily !!

Please advise if this can be implemented as a feature request and/or If I can create my own tag, based on the existing ones.
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@Akash Reddy - i added today:
[FUTURE_DAYS_X] - adds days to current date
[BIRTHDAY_FUTURE_DAYS_X] - adds days to birthday

So from next release (no eta) you'll be able to use those, for example if you want to send to someone where his birthday is from days on from now, you'd use [BIRTHDAY_FUTURE_DAYS_10] as comparison against the birthdate field.
@twisted1919 Awesome !! Thank you for the quick response and updates.
Please let me know if it is a simple code (copy paste !!?), so I can update the tags and use them from now. I run a fashion store so this would help my store a lot.
Take attached file, unzip it, and place it instead of /apps/common/models/ListSegmentCondition.php


  • ListSegmentCondition.php.zip
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I am new to the servers thing, Please advise.
I replaced the files using Winscp. But the value tags don't seem to appear. Do I have to reboot the server?
No. I just see the regular tags.

Edit :: Never mind, I sftp'd it in the mailwizz/update/.... folder !! so it wasn't showing up

I updated it in the var/www/html/.... and it seems to work like a charm !! Thank you again @laurentiu and @twisted1919 :)
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