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is there a way to use a dynamic subject text pulled from an api service similar to embedded json feeds?
@alxjvr - Sorry, but it isn't doable. Relying on external services to retrieve data for each email sent, means campaigns can take considerably longer time to send.

I understand that getting a dynamic content per subscriber is almost impossible, but It would be great if we can get the content for each sending.

The use case would be the following: Daily Newsletter

Every morning we want to send a campaign with the last 5 articles of a blog:
Email content => we can do this using the XML/JSON feed. As far I understood the system asks for the feed one time and then caches it to the next recipients. Great!

Subject Line => we cannot change it, but it should allow, for instance, to select the title of the first article of the feed. Or to get a string from a remote url.

Is this too difficult to implement?


PS: There's also another post on this forum asking for something similar:
That's I've said: "we can do this" :)

What we can't do is using these tags on the subject line.
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@Filipe Silva - It is possible to parse XML/JSON feeds in the subject if you are using mailwizz >=

You should be able to have a subject like this:
[XML_FEED_BEGIN url='http://www.whatever.com/news/feed/' count='1'] [XML_FEED_ITEM_TITLE] [XML_FEED_END]
And mailwizz will parse it just fine.