Drag and Drop Builder Comments/Questions


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I have an extension that allows customers to upload files and then we add it to the end of their email automatically. It's kind of like adding an attachment but in an email-friendly way.

When I use my extension, then switch to the drag and drop, and then save, it removes that code. I'm guessing this is how the drag and drop is intended since it would probably be hard to incorporate the code that was built outside of the drag and drop, and put it into the drag and drop editor. Is this correct?

If correct, I think it would be helpful for MW to check if the email has been edited and then if so, to have a popup that notifies the customer that switching to the drag and drop and saving will remove anything they did in the editor before. I can see a lot of people not realizing that would happen and then lose a lot of work.
Why not inject your code when the email goes out instead? Like we do with email footers for example.
I think that would be a good idea. I'm actually not sure why it wasn't built like that. I will look into that.

What do you think about the popup idea? I have a feeling that people will not realize they will lose their code.