doubt about bounces


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I'm ready for sending out my first campaign to 5k user (just a sort of test)
For any delivery server (5) I created a common bounces@ address
How can I check if some mail will be bounced?
If the e-mail will be bounced will be automatically removed from the list?

Thank you.
Did you add those bounces addresses in mailwizz as bounce servers and you have then associated them with delivery servers?
If you did, then you'll get stats in your campaign about what emails bounced.
Emails are never removed from lists, if they bounce, they can get blacklisted (if hard bounces)
Looks everything ok, expect the mail headers - looks like the Return-Path is assigned to instead of the real From: address
(it looks like bounces@ account is trying to send the e-mail)
On delivery server everything looks good or at least the "From" is correctly filled.
Any idea?

Thank you.
Return-Path has to be the bounces address, in your case bounce@ because that's the place where emails return. You don't wnat them returned to the email from the FROM because it can be your customer or it can be an unexisting email address.