Does BulkEmailChecker Extension implement some way of preventing checking an email when it already was verified and is it a valid one?


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I asked this question to BulkEmailChecker support [1] and they reply me this [2].

Can you say me please if BulkEmailChecker Extension implement in some way preventing checking an email when it already was verified and is it a valid one? In the example I explain, a valid email could be sent 5 o 6 times in less than a 2 minutes or the same customer could access to he electronic banking some times in the same day.

Imagine the case in where there are for example 5000 valid email address, if we multiply by 6 (for each client access based in the example) that would be 30000 verification processes each time.

It would be great if in setting of extension there were a field to put the total of days for preventing checking an email that it was verified and it was a valid one after that period of time verify it again.


"I would like to know when an email is valid and it is sent it for verify, every time I send the same valid email, is it counted from credits?

I ask you this because in case for example of using it in electronic banking , you know someone can enter to see/make any kind of transaction: balance inquiry, money transfer, password change, wrong access, temporary password for transfer, change of question for access to the bank, etc.

Every email sent to customer is the same and that's mean is it only one verify in your system?"

"A valid email would consume 1 credit everytime you test it. It would be best to integrate a cache on your end to prevent this type of scenario from happening.

It is impossible to do from our end as emails go bad very often and our service will perform a test each time the email is requested to be validated without regards to when it was last checked."
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Since emails can be valid today and invalid tomorrow, it does not make sense for us to do a cache on our end, this is the reason we haven't implemented one.
During the checking process, we keep a in-memory cache, so we don't validate same email address twice if it failed once.
Also if it fails, it's added to the blacklist so future checks will not reach bulkmailchecker site.
But that's all we do.
Since emails can be valid today and invalid tomorrow
For this reason, it could be great if a verified and valid email, keep it at least 1 day for preventing to checking it again.

For example, if today an email was good (one verifying process), the rest of the day, this same email should keep until next day for verifying and check next day in case this email address is not valid.

It would be great if only could verify once a day a valid email.

Regarding blacklisted emails it is OK they don't have to verify them again.

Thank you very much again