Disabling Automatic Custom Fields & Logging

So essentially the way logging is done is killing my memory on my server and making tables 10gb each. Not sure if the cleaning command isn't working properly or what is going on.

So what I want to do:

1) When importing lists, disable automatic addition of custom fields even when I have extra columns in my CSV.

2) Disable logging to minimize DB size/efficiency. I really don't understand why it has to count every single subscriber it sends an email to once, why not just count bounces/fbl's only and make it into a percentage (everybody can assume the rest delivered fine unless they are on that list). It's like taking a picture each time a car goes by a stop light instead of just taking pictures of the ones that run red lights.

I saw #2 in another thread but really didn't understand what needed to be done with the files. Any help would be appreciated.