Delivery Servers


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Hello, I want to send from domain 1, X amount of messages
and from domain 2, Y amount of messages.

I tried to setup 2 different delivery servers, and to send 2 different campaigns, each campaign through one of the delivery systems.
However it sends both of them from the same server!
I also tried creating 2 customers, and from customer 1 send with server 1,
and customer 2 from server 2,
but still sending from the same server/domain. the mails arrive from the same mail.
Will really appreciate help here or some advice! Thanks alot.
If possible on skype: jidap1, phone +972542305551, mail:

Will really appreciate some help there, it's very urgent!!
From backend > settings > customers > servers, allow customers to select delivery servers in campaigns. Then when creating a campaign, you'll be able to select the delivery server that will be used for that campaign, from the Setup step of a campaign.