Delivery Servers Web Hooks (DSWH) handler issue

Sorin Pohontu

New Member

Just testing the system with Mailgun and Webhooks and I do wanna try to have a clean List from the start.

I've created a list with "Welcome email: Yes" and I did try to subscribe an email that will bounce (

DSWH Controller doesn't process this kind of Bounces (for all Webhooks, not only for Maingun), because it's checking for MetaData and Campaign ID, which doesn't exists on Welcome email.

This is a typical Response from MailGun

  "severity": "permanent",
  "event": "failed",
  "campaigns": [],
  "reason": "bounce",
  "user-variables": {
   "metadata": "[]"
"recipient": "",

Any chance for a quick fix ? :)

Note: I'm running version, a fresh install, but the prrocessing in DswhController.php it's about the same as in (mostly).

Have a nice day,