Delivery Servers issue (

Go to your delivery servers
Backend > Servers > Delivery Servers
and click on YENI SUNUCU there you will have the option to send yourself an email which will have a link in it you need to click to activate the server
Can you provide a screenshot of what you have after you have clicked on the delivery server name?
The first screenshot shows SMTP YENI SUNUCU as the one that is inactive. The screenshot you have just posted is for a different server. Which server are you trying to activate?
yes, of course.
Workaround solution:
When I change delivery server status to "active" via phpmyadmin, delivery server works :)
but this is not a normal solution.
I'm not sure exactly what it is you are doing. If you create a new server and then click the save changes the activate server facility comes up. If you create a server and don't activate it the next time you click on its name you will see the activate server facility.

If you want, I can login and see what's happening. PM me your url and administrator login details.