Delivery server's "From" vs customer panel's "from" email question.



I am back with another question :D

So i have 3 delivery servers configured right now, each has diff "from" email. So now inside customer panel it prompts me to make a default email address, name etc. So i set up a random email address for the customer acc(i put email from one of my delivery server).

When I'll create and send a campaign which email will be used as from email? It should use the delivery server's address as that is the one which is verified else it just will go to spam.

I am not sure how this works, or when ill create a campaign and send it, there will be options which will might make it clear?
Go to Backend > Delivery Servers > Click update any DS. You will see an option like below - if set "Always", all the emails going through that server will have the associated From Email. Hope that helps !