Delivery Server question


Hey all! Brand-new convert here, and loving MailWizz so far. I’ve built a Sendy server but will be migrating users from there to here.

Part of that process will be, apparently, setting up individual delivery servers (SES) for each and every client, which requires setting up a new user in SES, attaching policies, etc., then adding the details to MW.

It’s a potentially long process, but I wanted to ask: is there any easier way for each client to be able to still use their own email address when sending? When I add a client in Sendy, the SES verification email is automatically generated and there’s nothing else I have to do... bounces and complaints are handled perfectly and recipients see the client’s email address in their inbox.

Would love some help/advice or best practices to save from having to set all this up through SES! Thanks!
@Nick Thacke - For now the process requires to have the address verified with amazon. In future we will improve this aspect.