Delivery server hourly quota


I have on my delivery servers in MW set a limit of 2500 emails per hour in the warm up period. what i thought was that even tho i have may have a list of 150.000 subscribers, and i start the sending of 150.000 emails then mailwizz would put the subscribers in a queue and make sure that it feed the delivery server with emails.

But it seems that the emails over 2500 emails per our is just disappearing??? Look at the attached screenshot of PMTA, there is 12540 emails in (in the period ) and for the last hour 0

So even tho i have asked mailwizz to send 150.000 which it has according to the second screenshot - But it seems that all emails above the threshold of 2500 emails per hour, is going to waste ?

Does it mean that i also have to put a ratelimit on the customer ?


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