Delivery Server for User



In Customers Campaign I selected an SMTP to use but why is it still using the Main/Backened Delivery Server.

I selected 1 SMTP in Campaign Delivery Servers

"Select which delivery servers are used for this campaign, if no option is selected, all the available servers will be used."

If selected does it mean it will not use other delivery servers?
Please check i think its a bug?

Even if you decide to use a single delivery server for a campaign, that does not mean that system servers won't be used.
When you select a delivery server for a campaign, that server has priority and the app will try to use it if available for sending. If it is not available for sending, it will check if that customer is allowed to send from system servers (you have an option for that) and if he is, then it will send using system servers, otherwise will stop till the delivery server assigned to campaign is available again.

Thanks, i now understand.

I will just create another account for his separate delivery server.