Deleting Unopens


Was an update ever implemented to be able to do this? Or can it somehow be achieved through some type of work-around.

-- Identifying Subscribers With Unopens in the Last 30, 60 Days etc (Suggestion)

A regular task in the EM niche is to "identify" subscribers who didn't open
emails in the last 2 or 3 months (the period doesn't matter) so you can then....

- Delete these subscribers (which cost you money)
- Send other kind of offers to try to re-engage.

Best Practice
What i've learned from this is that you need to consider the "subscription date"
for the formula.

For example:

> If you look for "unopeners" within the past 60 days....people who subscribed
yesterday (or 2 days ago) will also appear as "unopeners".

Best Formula (Applied by Most Email Marketers):

> You set a date (example 60 days ago).
> You find subscribers who
---- Have been added before that date and....
---- Who didn't open emails since that date.

<------------ Added Before / x Date in the Past (Ex: 60 Days Ago) / --------> No Opens Since

This way you don't treat new subscribers as unopeners.