Default smtp server for some clients

Carlos Martinez

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Hello, I currently have 3 smtp servers (Sparkpost, Elasticmail and AWS) I would like to know if I can predefine the sending of my clients from default servers, for example:

Customer 1 and 3 send by sparkpost
Client 2 and 4 send by elasticmail

Greetings and thanks for the reply.
@Carlos Martinez
What you can do is add them in a Group like I have done. I have assigned Customers by group. Group A uses Sparkpost and Group C uses ElasticEmail servers.

Go to backend>Customers>Groups and make anew group. When you are in making a new group area, Go to Servers sections and scroll down. You will see Assigned Servers section (as shown in the image). Assign that server and you are good for that group.

And for the allowed server type: You do no to all, so they don't use their own 3rd party servers. ;)


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