Date Segmentation question

Alain Jacquot

New Member
Here is what I am trying to achieve:

1) We have a daily newsletter that goes out every day at 7pm
2) Anybody who subscribes TODAY does NOT get TODAY's newsletter, only TOMORROW and forward

Ideally I would like to have a dynamic segment [SUBSCRIPTION_DATE] < [TODAY]

Does a [SUBSCRIPTION_DATE] tag exist?


PS: I know I can create a custom field and populate it with the date, but if the tag exists, I would rather use that.

Alain Jacquot

New Member
Those tags would work for me, but from what I can tell, I cannot use them as the "field" for the segment condition, only as the "value"

I would have like to have for segment condition:

But looks like I cannot do this, I would need to create a custom field that I would populate with the subscription date and use condition:

My_Custom_Subscription_Date is less than [DATE]

Or am I missing something?