Customers - Multiple Groups?

Dan O'Shea

I have a number of Servers. I want to be able to limit Customers to certain send levels.

Example - on one server, allow them to send 2,000 and on Amazon SES, only 1,000
Local server - 2,000 per day
Amazon - 1,000 per day

It doesn't appear in the Customer area I can differentiate the send limit. So the limit would be either 2,000 or 1,000.

But if I create 2 separate groups based on the Server, I can set the send limits there.

Local Server

But is there a way to assign two groups to one customer?

Or am I missing another way to do this?

Not sure about another way at this moment but def. you cannot put a customer into two groups (nor this will change because the way mailwizz works internally).
One way would be to assign those servers to a customer with a hourly quota on a one day span with the group settings, guess this is closest you could get into.

If you have other ideas we can look over and if they don't affect the inner workings, we can implement them :)
No big deal, as my limits were so close together anyway and I really don't foresee an issue that makes it worth it. Thx