Customer with 2 sending servers assigned mix up


i have a setup where one customer has 2 sending domains and 2 seperate servers for each domain with forced tracking domain and bounce domain to match every domain.

When sending a test from this client then a random server is sent resulting in message having a FROM from one domain and return path and tracking url from the other
When sending a campaign i have to choose every time the correct sending domain for the correct server. If i forget or make mistake then disaster strikes!
I would expect that mailwizz would see the FROM domain and choose the corresponding server for that domain.
Although i have not tested it, maybe the same happens with email list registration emails or other system mails
In my case customers are not allowed to send from system servers.
Can you confirm or provide a solution?
Thank you in advance

EDIT: In fact i see it is always using the last created server for sending email tests. I can understand this because return path of the second server is used although correct domain is used in DKIM signing. On the other hand in campaign setup i have not selected any servers and i see it states that both servers will be used, but this can seriously harm domain reputation
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By default, all available delivery servers are added in a pool of servers used for sending all campaigns, etc.
We do not select delivery servers for campaigns based on the email address you add in the campaign in the FROM field.
You can at any time, allow customers to select delivery servers for campaigns and have them select the delivery server to send the email from. Or you can also assign delivery servers to customers based on their requirements.
In my opinion a dropdown to lock the server to specific domain in server settings (same we lock server for a customer or set specific bounce server and/or tracking domain) would help to resolve the problem of forgetting to choose the correct sending server while creating a campaign resulting in major reputation problem
My approach to create a separate sending server for each new domain arises from the problem of return path. A sending server can only use one bounce server which leads in the penalty headers from different domains which i wanted to avoid for highest deliver ability
I hope i am explaining right.
Havent tried the symphony mailer in order to see how it handles return path to be honest, always used swift mailer