Customer -vs- Frontend

Jeff Guynn

Backend / Customer / Frontend:

Sorry for the NOOB question:

I understand the backend. It's where I, the Mailwizz owner, configure access for all my customers. But what's the difference between "customer" and "frontend"?

Under Extend --> Themes, I see 3 tabs: Backend, Customer, Frontend.

Under Settings --> Customization, I see logo text and skin settings for the same three: Backend, Customer, Frontend.

When and for what purpose whould I ever need to access the Frontend as such, and how is this different from Customer?

It's a legit question, the frontend is the place where the subscribers can see the subscribe/unsubscribe forms or where the web version of campaigns is shown, etc, basically everything that is public is part of the frontend.
You can download and install it as a theme for frontend and enable it, then access your website and you'll see that instead of being redirected to customer area, you will get a new landing page.