Customer Sending Quota not working..

pradeep sharma

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Hi Everyone, @twisted1919

customer Quota settings is not working..

I set customer Quota to send 100 emails 1 hour then wait to quota to expire and Quota ReSet..
But customers more than 200+ emails accepted for sending in one the systems and sent by it...i believe it should not allow customer to send more than emails specified in quota....
is thers any setting which i am not able to set properly..
or a bug in my installation...
then wait to quota to expire and Quota ReSet..
There's a small issue when the reset option is involved, we have fixed it and the fix will be available in next release.

One more thing is that sometimes customers can send more that you allow them to send, that is because we do some rough estimates on quota usage instead of actually counting the quota each time an email is sent which downgrades performance a lot.

How can we make sure that a campaign with more emails than Quota available should not be accepted by the system.
the problem is when customer submit a job to sent emails has more count than quota available...!!!