Customer Overview ..... remove some data

Jamie Whittingham

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Hi @twisted1919

On the Customers > Customers overview able, is it possible to stop MW counting the sending quota?

We dont use this feature and it takes the page AGES to load data we are not interested in. How could I remove this (in the PHP files) or could you maybe add an option to disable this in the settings page for those who have 1,000's of customers but dont need that info to speed the load time up.

Thanks buddy
oOOOOOO does it remember that filter if i refresh the page so that the data is not loaded at all vs just hidden from the view (which would not reduce the load time)

When I view 5000 customers WITH sending quota, page loads in around 21 seconds howeve when I edit the apps/backend/views/customer/list.php and remove the function for working that data .... it loads in under 3 seconds now :D