Customer Area Delivery vs Bounces Chart


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I just found that in Customer area Delivery vs Bounces Chart is showing only bounces Line but Line for delivery is not showing at all.
I have lot of data in Database and when i check more i see that AJAX response from
"Delivery_bounce_growth" function return this value

[{"label":"Delivery, 3 months growth","data":[],"color":"#3c8dbc"},{"label":"Bounce, 3 months growth","data":[["Sep 2016","17103"],["Oct 2016","14060"]],"color":"#ff0000"}]

which is strange that why there is no data for delivery. Does any one else have same problem ?

@AHK - We're changing all these for upcoming mailwizz version, so you can safely diregard any possible issue related to it as we will finally have a new dashboard, cleaner ;)