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I've created a template html for a campaign, but when i save i've this error:

"The following tags are required but were not found in your content: [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL], [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS]"

But i've added the two tags on my html code.

So how can i fix that ?



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@ikaroweb - After you click the save button and you get this error, do you still have those tags in your template?
can you switch the editor in source mode and take a screenshot with the tags?

Vpul Shah

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@ikaroweb : Go to Settings : Campaigns > Template Tags :

You will see both tags : Currently it is " required", Change it to "Not Required"

Then Save changes.

Now it will not ask in campaign.

But you can set [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL], in footer settings if you need.